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sports massage wiltshire

Sports massage to help with injuries or pain.

I aim to provide an affordable and quality service for both equines and humans. I enjoy working with my clients and helping them all to achieve greater results.

I want to offer an affordable treatment to encourage regular visits from you al. I aim to help prevent injuries, and save you being in pain or discomfort, so regular appointments are a huge credit within this programme.

If you or your horse has an existing injury, several treatments maybe require along with the support of a personalised rehabilitation programme to complete between appointments.

Relaxation massage

You don’t need to have an injury or be in discomfort to come and see me! Many clients enjoy and feel the benefits of a deep tissue massage on a monthly or so basis. Within these regular visits I can catch any aliments early and this will help prevent further injury or discomfort, and less trauma to your body for a faster recovery too.

equine massage wiltshire

Sports massage for horse and rider

Keeping the horse and rider asĀ  a combination supple, balanced and ailment free will encourage a happy and fulfilled partnership. Often there is a pattern that copies both horse and riders which shows up unbalances. If these are regularly treated and managed you will be jumping those clear show jumping rounds as a supple and pain free partnership.

Sarah offers a professional service, and we always look forward to her visits.
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