About Sarah

Advanced massage techniques

I am specialised in human advanced massage techniques, (level4) which includes hot and cold therapies along with k taping, cupping and trigger point therapy for deep tissue release. Along with the benefits of active release techniques and stretching I am able to help release the body to and help manage pain, and therefore strengthen correctly.

This is more than just a career for me, the positive feedback I receive daily I know I am helping many horses and people on a daily basis to achieve their goals and live in a more comfortable and manageable lifestyle.

Equine sports massage

I started my career as a small animal veterinary nurse but then turned to work with horses. I have many years of experience within equestrian teaching, working with event horses and in hunting yards and livery yards. In 2013 I trained in equine sports massage with ICAT and since helping many competition horses keep supple and athletic throughout the competition season, along with helping to rehabilitate post injury or trauma. This then led to me wanting to work with the human athlete with sports massage, which I trained in 2018 with Core elements (FHT). Not only is this great for a regular athlete but I’ve helped many horse and rider combinations too. To help with suppleness and straightness within their training. To benefit from sports massage neither horse or rider needs to be a competitive athlete, many of my clients do not ride or focus on sports. Sports massage has huge and varied benefits that can also help with and prevent injuries.

Most common injuries I help with:

Lower back pain,


Frozen shoulder,

Plantar Fasciitis,

Rotator cuff injury.

Many people regularly benefit from a deep tissue sports massage, as this helps to keep the muscle fascia, ligaments and tendons supple and more flexible, along with a programme of stretching exercises. Clients find this programme is great for maintaining a pain free body, and enables a comfortable lifestyle.

Tough Mudder Sarah Pym

What I enjoy

These days I regularly am found working out In the gym and competing my own horse, so along with completing two tough mudder events I truly understand the benefits that sports massage can add to you as an active person and to the horse and especially as a combination too. I have suffered from lower back pain for years and with a combination of regular massage and correct strengthening exercises and stretches, I really have felt the benefits, and its enabled me to live a much more comfortable lifestyle and these days I am pain free too.


Sarah is a key element in my horses success.

Jason, old sodbury. 


I’ve had several treatments from Sarah, and its been the most beneficial treatment I’ve had for my lower back pain.

Karen, Calne

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