Equine sports massage

This again is a great treatment for horses that are in regular work. Many people do combine this with the horses time off, having a treatment before and after a break to ensure the body is aligned and straight before a time of rest is essential, with no ailments that can cause discomfort. They are big strong animals and with their conformation with long backs and then they have to carry a rider and jump or perform dressage and gallop across fields. These are big stresses and strains on their bodies.

equine massage wiltshire

Highly and fully trained, qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

I treat many horses each month from happy hackers to advanced eventers. Riders are often coming back saying how much happier and looser the horse is feeling. You might be struggling to pick up the correct canter lead, or keep all the showjumps up. But maybe you would just like a general check up for your horse for peace of mind. Or are they recovering from injury and you would like support with rehabilitation techniques.

All of these queries I am here to help with.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, however big or small.

Prevent future injuries

How can I help? Well massage will help to keep your horse supple and pain free. And allow a greater range of movement along with helping to prevent further injuries. I often help guide people with strengthening exercises for their horses too. Along with the initial assessment and treatment I will perform a deep tissue massage, working with trigger points and stress points. And I use reflexes to voluntarily release the body and normally finish with stretches when I feel appropriate.  Every treatment is different, nothing is ever in a set text book fashion with me.

equine massage Wiltshire

Horse and rider combined

These are always interesting to treat together. Often we form a pattern from horse to rider or visa versa. These treatments being done to horse and rider will help prevent any one sidedness from both parties. Subtle changes make a huge difference.

For prices and availability please contact me 07851212517

"I wanted to comment on how you make him so at ease too - as he is a sensitive soul!" - Stacey & john sponsored horse & rider of 2018.
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